Why Men Turn To Vanity Surgery

I find that larger and larger number of men are opting for cosmetic surgery. The fact that men are moving towards something traditionally associated with vainglorious women is an interesting social phenomenon demanding the investigation. Here, I do the same.

Beautiful men selling anything from aftershave to underpants can be seen wherever you look. Experts feel this barrage of images of ‘perfection’ has resulted in a rush of men desperate to go under the knife. Women want their men to look like those shown in the ads. This destroys their self-esteem and forces them to go for vanity surgery.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are gaining popularity like bush fire because predators that they are, men don’t want to loose their chance with women of any shape or size. Gone are the days when those wrinkles used to be signs of maturity. Women don’t find men with those age marks sexy any longer.

So, now you know why our poor men are being forced to come under the knife?!