Risks Involved In Cosmetic Surgery

Risks Involved Cosmetic Surgery and complications are very rare now a days.

It is suggested that you take into consideration the ‘risks of cosmetic surgery’ before you really go for one. I’m not saying that you should not to opt for it, but before doing that, a detailed analysis is important.

I have compiled a list of common risks involved in cosmetic surgery. These are as follows:

Drop in Blood Pressure:

You may face a drop in your blood pressure. However, an unexpected drop because of blood loss could lead to irregular heartbeat and likely a heart attack.

risks involved cosmetic surgery


The risk of infection after cosmetic surgery is less than 1% and antibiotics reduce this risk dramatically. But, the longer your surgery lasts and the more blood you lose, the more likely you are to have an infection.

Loose Stitches:

If the sutures after the cosmetic surgery come loose, it can lead to internal bleeding or a hernia. Such problems would require additional surgery.


Risks of moderate or intense asymmetries may additionally require a 2nd surgical treatment right away after the first one. Slight asymmetry is every day.

I believe that after going through the above-mentioned risks involved in cosmetic surgery, you would like to think twice before you go in for the surgery.