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Al-Falah Trading Company-Power Max

Save Your Buildings From Termite

119 Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-300-4150567

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Power Max has successfully been operating for termite-proofing in Pakistan since 1985. It is a product by Al-Falah Trading Company. This medicine has all the ability to kill the termite from your building completely. It is very effective for wood works. It is the only medicine that can be effective for 20 years under the soil and keeps the structure safe and sound.

Power Max acts as a life-time safeguard. It protects your building from not only termite, but all types of insecticides (flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, roaches, lizards, snakes). It is effective for all types of wooden works including cupboards, cabinets, doors and furniture.

We provide 10 years of written warranty for a complete treatment of building.


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