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Office No. 5, Hajvari Street, Ravi Clifton Colony, Shahdara, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Phone: +92-300-4713597

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MM Pest Control Services

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Termite Control General Fumigation

Bed Bugs Treatment, Rodent  Water Proofing & Heat Proofing Services

Water Tank Cleaning commercial building window glass cleaning

Mechanism of Pests Control

Sometimes, pest problems are too difficult to manage. The proper solution of the trouble is securing the services of the professionals and experts. Are you searching for such individuals who could help you getting rid of the occupiers? Don’t waste your time and energy, MM Pest Control Services is your final destination. It is the galaxy of Pest Control Operators who have license ensuring their credibility in their field of excellence.

Our Unique Characteristics

A number of risks associated with the usage of pesticides; however, professional individual know how to use them carefully. We have equipped experts with the tools and machinery that help them to destroy pest from surface level. We have a team of Entomologists, Civil Engineers, Horticulturalists and skilled workers.

Our experts only use the recommended chemicals by the WHO (World Health Organization) and state law.



Our Services


Termites’ Control Services

In the field of Termite Control Management in Pakistan, we have become one of the best companies that offer distinguished services to inhibit the proliferation of termites. We offer services in fields including Termite Control Service Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Beach Houses, Villas, Portions, and Flats.

Unique Features of Our Company

  • Dedication and commitment to every project
  • Permanent solution of termite’s problem with 10 years guarantee.
  • Experts and technicians, part of the Company
  • Written guarantee of our work
  • Usage of the latest tools and techniques

Proper Solution to Control the Growth of Termites is to understand it properly.

Types of Termites

  1. Rhinotermitidae is a family of termites. They feed on wood and can cause extensive damage to buildings or other wooden structures.
  2. Kalotermes flavicollis, the 'Yellow necked dry-wood termite', is a species of 'Dampwood termites' belonging to the family Kalotermitidae, one of the most primitive families of termites
  3. Serritermitidae is a family of termites belonging to the cockroach infraorder Isoptera. The family includes only a few species, which live in South America
  4. Termopsida, Damp wood termites constitute a small and rather primitive family Termopsidae of termites. They contain four or five extant genera with 13–20 living species, but can be divided into several subfamilies,

Home infested with termites can be cause a number of problems. Do you know how to get rid of them? Secure our pest control services and enjoy the peace of mind in your paradise – home. We have a team of experts who use the environment-friendly sprays to eliminate the all types of termites, like

    their habitation. Being professional, we know how to deal with the Damp wood Termites, Dry wood Termites, Formosan Termites, Subterranean Termites, and all other types that could make your home as their own kingdom.

Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors.MM Pest Control Services to vanish the termites at your premises; you may surely hire the most reliable termite control services in Lahore. Do not let the hazardous termites damage your property and environment. These pests consume wood and cellulose extremely fast and pose a common problem to industries, corporate organizations and residential spaces. Termite proofing cannot be done through domestic remedies, but need a full professional workforce and knowledge to eradicate the problem from the root. Basically termite are underground bug, these bug have a complete organized colony under the ground till 3 to 4 feet deep. This colony is consist of king ,queen ,soldiers, nymphs, alate or winged reproductive (male or female) supplemental reproductive nymphs ,supplemental productives, workers,nymphs,eggs, as shown in an image is very necessary to poison king and queen to stop production of new termite. For this purpose we use drilling treatment to penetrate diluted chemical  in every bored hole. MM Pest Control Services rids your business or home of termites that can damage your property through its efficient termite treatment. Termites are not a seasonal problem, but they can pose a threat to your premises at any time of the year. MM Pest Control Services rids your business or home of termites that can damage your property through its efficient termite treatment. We strive to offer the most convenient services for our customers, most flexible and customized to suite your requirements. We are quick, responsive, and the best in the business to ensure effective results.





  • Termite control management is carried out in the following way:
  • Drilling points are then defined and marked.
  • Boring through drills is carried out on the marked points.
  • The entire premises are completely monitored to identify areas of work. Bores are drilled after every 3 feet distance, covering all concrete walls.
  • 3 to 5 liters of diluted chemical is then penetrated in every bore.
  • Boring through drills is carried out on the marked points.
  • MM Pest Control Services professional workforce has hands-on training and latest technology tools to control the termite threat to your belongings and around.
  • Once all bores are entirely penetrated with medicine they are then filled with cement matching the color of your floor.
  • After this procedure all your infested wooden areas are applied with termite spray medicine.

Our successfully done projects



Client Name




Mr Ishfaq Ahmaed

Halmore Power Plant, Bhikki, Shaikhupura



Mr Ali Rizvi sb

Shami Road, Cantt, Lahore



Mr Nissar sb




Mr Touqeer sb

NCBA Collage, Lahore



Mr Umar

DHA Lahore



Mr Ali

Pak Arab, Lahore



Mr Arif

Misri Shah Lahore



Dr Aziz

198,Gulshan Ravi, Lahore



Mr Umar

Moon Market Lahore.




Mr Arif But

Gulsan Ravi, Lahore.



Mr kashif

Eden Society, Lahore



Mr Ilyas sb

Punjab Government Housing Society, Lahore.




Mr khuram

Rehman Garden, Lahore.



Mr Waqar

Collage Road,Lahore.



Advocate Hashmat Habib

Cantt, Lahore.



Mr Touqeer sb

DHA, Lahore



Mr Ikram sb




Mrs Tariq

Harbance Pura, Lahore



Mr Mehmood sb

Model Town,Lahore



Major shahid sb

Head Office:RYK Mills ltd,sarfraz rafequi Road Cantt,Lahore,
























Extermination of rodents

Indoors and out-door

·     Spray for Plants

·     Farm House Services

Our services are available for the diverse range of buildings including Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Wedding Halls, Hospitals, Embassies, Educational Institutes, Warehouses, Food Grain Stores and Cattle farms.

Why Do You Need to Get Rid of the Rodents?

Rodents (rats and mice) destroy the property; without pest control, food and stored products might be damaged. Pesticides ensure the wellbeing of the property and health of family members.  To solve your pest problems, you need the services of experts who have knowledge and experience because pest management is much more than just spraying.

All these requirements make the MM Fast Solutions a preferred choice as it is offering services what exactly you need.


Fumigation  Services


MM Pest Control Services is a leading company offering its valuable fumigation services meeting with the rules and regulation of the state and also fulfills the safety and quality standards. For getting the desired results, our experts use the latest tools and techniques.



Where Do You Need Fumigation Services?

Our services are effective in different fields. Bulk agricultural commodities in soils require fumigation. In addition, ensuring the fumigation before or during the shipment is a good move. If you are running a beverage industry (flour mills, malt houses, breweries) getting fumigation services should be the part of business plan.  Wooden packaging materials also require the pre-shipment fumigation. These services are also beneficial and practical for removing pests, removing plants, sealing up food, and moisten the ground.


Our Unique Features

We use only certified applications so customer may not experience any inconvenience. We have secured some distinguished credentials that stamp our ability and claims. Our experience and knowledge stand in good stead when you get fumigation services.


Alternative Methods of Fumigation

In fumigation, we have different alternative methods; apply the specific one or more technique after taking into consideration the real condition of the object. We provide cost-effective fumigation and pest control services that fulfill the customers’ requirements.



Characteristics that Make Us Distinguished

Our services come with the guarantee. With the quality of work, we satisfy the client. Our trained persons use the best ways possible to eradicate the termites as they are aware of methods that work effectively. Different types of termites have diverse characteristics so they require different treatments for their removal. First, they identify the type of the termites then apply specific method accordingly.


Your Health – Our Top Priority

While materializing the techniques of termites’ removal, they take into consideration different aspects like safety and health of your family. If this concern left unchecked, it could give birth to further problems.

Water Proofing and Roof Heat proofing services

Roof leakage is a common problem of homeowners that have residence in area that receives heavy rain frequently. If you are at the risk for roof leakage, get our roof leakages proofing services and increase the age of your home and other valuable articles of home. We ensure 100% guarantee of our work with the usage of imported chemicals and membranes.

Area of our roof leakage proofing services covers the wide range. You can call us to get repair the roof of your office, factory, school and home. Water seepage can do untold damage. It deforms the beauty of the paint and distorts precious furniture. Putting plaster and heavy weight on the roof are nothing but the waste of time and money. Excessive leakage may generate crack that could be a cause of any unfortunate incident. We have come up with the new ideas and technology that make your home strong as you want it. We apply the latest water proofing material and machines. Secure our services and enjoy the rain instead of getting worried.

We use only environment-friendly material and it also doesn’t harm the human beings. Chemicals absorb the rain water and don’t allow it to seep from the pores. We are available 24/7. Contact us and our expert will be at your doorstep to inspect the roof and apply the practical plan. we have launched a very especial and highly researched material for the treatment of Roof heat Water Proofing 1st Layer fill the cracks holes and penetrate in the Roof, Repair the old damage concrete surfaces.2nd Layer attach with 1st Layer fill the remaining cracks.3rd Layer use with very important Fabuec. 4th & 5th Layer use for covering the fabric and makes high flexural tensile strength. 6th and 7th Layers make the roof more sufficient compressive strength. After completion it makes a highly flexible tensile strength. It’s not separation to the building. It’s good for water retention and capable to resistance till 70 C temperatures.

Heat Proofing’s Layer of heat proofing apply on the roof it makes the roof cool. 2nd Layer use with very important Fabric, it makes the roof cool and gives more strength. 5th Layer used with reflector, it reflects the sun rays on the roof makes the roof shiny cool and strong. After completion you can walk on your roof without shoes in peak hot hours. It’s not separation to the building. It’s good for water retention and capable to resistance till 60 C temperatures.

Our Products are electrometric compound, ready to apply fluid roofing material which provides a joint free, and seamless, waterproof, insulation elastic protective membrane for roof and foundation protection of buildings.

It is suitable for all kinds of roofing materials like asphalt, asbestos, cement, metal, wood,  terrazzo tiles and concrete etc. it acts as an effective barrier to humidity waterborne salts and atmospheric effect.








Extremely Light weight-reduces dead weight.

Energy efficient-reduces heating/cooling cost.

Resistant to Ultra violet rays.

Ease of application.

Flexible, Anti-Rust and Anti-Fungus.

Bonds equally well to porous and non-porous surfaces.Positive adhesion quality.



  Save your electricity bill up to 30%

  AC cooling enhances up to 50%

  Heat proof treatment also support up to 60%

  You can walk on top of the roof in a shiny summer day

  our products have no side effects

  our  products are made of reflectivity and weather resistance

 Our products have an inherent extinguishing quality and will not support flames.



We provide up to ten years GUARANTEE of its products And company work take the responsibility of replacement subject to all precaution are implemented accordingly

About Us

Dominant weather of Pakistan is very hot with unpredictable rains. Unfortunately most of the residential houses have not been constructed by taking weather into consideration during construction that’s why most of our houses are absorb sun heat too much directly and remain hot and warm making life very tough of their residents. Being the country of dominantly poor people, all the people of Pakistan cannot afford air-conditioners or other cooling equipment. To solve these entire problems and to give Pakistan a cool living environment. 

We have launched a very especial and highly researched material for the treatment of Roof heat and water proofing together. PERMASURE D.S is a unique material treatment for your roofs .No need of separate treatment of Heat Proofing and water proofing. No Need to pay separate cost of each. If you are having both the problem then it is ideal for you to apply PERMASURE D.S. for treatment of roof to get rid of both heat proofing & water proofing simultaneously at very low cost which is unbelievable.





Why Should You Choose MM Pest Control Services?

  • Over 10 years of professional experience in all the fields.
  • Innovative  strategies to serve all kinds of merchandize
  • Effective and affordable services with guaranteed results
  • We use environment friendly and odorless (minimum odors) chemicals
  • Customer friendly professional staff
  • All jobs are done as per full customer satisfaction.

We are providing services to many Government organizations such as Armed Forces Messes Buildings, Local and Foreign Banks, The Bank of Punjab, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, Muslim Commercial Bank, Bank Alfalah (Islamic) all over Pakistan. We are also providing services Embassies, Hotels, Multi-Storied Buildings and Schools, Colleges, Hospitals Factories etc

The objective of this brief introductory letter is to show you our expertise and experience. We assure you of our best professional services and co-operation




 Mobashar Nazir / CEO & contract manager

MM Fast solutions Enterprises

Office # 05, Hajvairi Street, Ravi Clifton, Shahdara Town, Lahore

Second office

23/3 Race Course Road, China Chowk, Lahore

Mob: +92 300 4713597, 042-36145470


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